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Add a whole new dimension to your Gelblaster blasting with Valken GLOW HD glow-in-the-dark Jellified blaster ammo! Ideal for Halloween haunts,  Zombie attacks, indoor laser-style shootouts or target shoots with the Valken Gel Blaster shooting cage, Valken Glow HD ammo can be charged in daylight or interior lighting, or, for best results, used in conjunction with tracer units and UV lights for maximum glowing, tracer effects! Like other Gelblaster Gellets and jellified blaster ammo, simply hydrate the ammo in water for at least 2-3 hours prior to use, then strain away the excess water, load up and shoot! The eco-friendly hydrogel simply breaks down and evaporates after use without staining and is non-toxic! 15,000 count per package. 


 Usage Instructions

1) Pour about ¼ of bag into 1 gallon bucket

2) Fill bucket with water to top 

3) Allow to stand in water for 2-3 hours

4) Stir every 30 minutes for best results

5) Strain off remaining water

6) Load up your blaster and have fun!   


Glow HD Instructions

1) Ammo must be exposed to light prior to use to provide the best glow effect

2) If exposed to strong sunlight or normal interior lighting conditions the ammo will glow in dark or low light conditions

3) For best results test using various light sources and conditions to meet your needs and to maximize the Glow HD Effect. 

Valken GLOW HD GB Ammo -15,000rds

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